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Here's some chachi for you guys!!
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Here's some chachi for you guys!!

Hey!! if you aren't on here, i'm sorry, i'll try to change it every wekk or so!! You can read this if you want, but you might not understand!!HA

Alien beauty queen
Ji Yun ^__^
The Korean Barbie Doll!! i know you hate that but oh well!! Hum, i hope that Pakistan is the BOMB!! DOn't get to carried away with all those hot pakistany guys...are there even any?? Ha ha!! Anyways, take care!!

Becca Couch
You are such a silly craker!! I can't believe your cheeks are so soft!! Becca couch, remember the poem i wrote about you?? well, i don't. Caco want's to know if you can do 12 push-ups!!

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Walking dude
Man Oh Man!! You're not funny, did you know that?? have you caught my nose yet? it's escaped again. it's all  your fault, you should be ashamed of youself. Now, remember to take warm water and stick Bens hand in it while he's sleeping...he'll wet the bed!! HA

Thanks for wasting your time!