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The Superdiduper Site

About Me
Here's some chachi for you guys!!
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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

On this page i might include stuff about my life such as school, family, and whatever i come up with!

Here are some pictures of me and my stuff. I know they are not so great but too bad! Haha, well I hope you like them.



Jokes and Quotes

Here are some lame jokes and some quotes that I like!

Q: What is broken when you say it?
A: Scilence
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!
                   -Phillipians 4:13

Favorite Stuff

It's not like you care about my favorite stuff but you can read it anyways!

Favorite TV Show: sponge bob
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo
Favorite Music: Whatever
Favorite Book: House of the scorpion
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Food: EVERYTHING!
People I Most Admire: me, myself, and I (just kidding)

Thanks for wasting your time!